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Swamped is a podcast all about swamps. Each week, we explore anything from wetland science to swamp folklore. Podcast episodes are currently available on Podomatic. If you are interested in collaborating, please fill out the form under on the Contact Me page.

Podcast artwork is by Katie Turner, owner of KTArtStudio.

Music is “Wholesome” by Kevin McLeod.

Episode 3: Emily Dickinson Loved Swamps!

Thoreau and Muir might have hated swamps for getting their clothes wet and being full of demons, but Emily Dickinson loved them! Have a laugh with me about silly poems, Gollum leading the Hobbits astray, and Beowulf in this enticing episode. Listen here.


Wetland gloom and wetland glory, “Walking” by H.D. Thoreau, “So I Pull My Stockings Off” by E. Dickinson, Imagined Territory: The Writing of Wetlands, Recalling Walden: Thoreau’s Embodied Aesthetics and Australian Writings on Place, A Sand County Almanac, The Swamps of Emily Dickinson by C. Parks, Beowulf.

Episode 2: Swamp Thing

He’s green, he’s lonely, and he desperately needs more character development! This week, I give you the backstory to Swamp Thing and things that could have prevented the death of this unconventional hero’s fandom. Listen here.

Episode 1: Slow Burn

Are the Everglades as cool and mysterious as they seem on Miami CSI? Yes! I delve into the workings of prescribed burns in the Everglades, one of which is featured in the crime show, and the wetland creatures you might discover there. Listen here.