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Find your next read in this list of captivating environmental(ish) books.

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The Beekeeper’s Lament
With this captivating book, you will learn exactly how complex the life of a bee truly is. Nordhaus seeks to understand the obsession driving one beekeeper, but also shares the history and science behind it all.
By Hannah Nordhaus (269 pages)

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The Nature Fix

Find out once and for all what time spent outside does to our brains in this captivating synthesis by Florence Williams, who risked it all, traveling the world, breaking a finger, and getting Lyme Disease while writing this data-rich book.
By Florence Williams (258 pages)

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This Changes Everything

In this book, Klein skips the depressing “world is ending” spiel and instead gives a refreshing take on how capitalism stands in the way of solving the climate crisis, and provides practical solutions backed by research.
By Naomi Klein (466 pages)

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God, Dr. Buzzard, and the Bolito Man

This is an important retelling of history as experienced by a member of Sapelo Island’s dwindling, yet culturally rich Geechee community. It is a must-read for those interested in descendants of once-enslaved African Americans in the United States or those vacationing in coastal Georgia.

By Cornelia Walker Bailey with Christena Bledsoe (334 pages)

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One of the world’s brightest minds explains, in the simplest terms, his theories about the beginning and end of time in this collection of responses to questions many people had asked him throughout his life. Physical relationships are used to clarify the very complex intricacies of our universe in a way that just makes sense.

By Stephen Hawking (256 pages)

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Where the Crawdads Sing

Follow a fictional, lovable character named Kya through a tumultuous upbringing in the swamps of North Carolina in this coming of age novel, which has also been adapted as a film. This book will immerse you in nature, the process of experiential learning, and redemption.

By Delia Owens (368 pages)

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Lab Girl

Being a scientist isn’t always butterflies and roses. Sometimes it’s driving across the country in a stinky van to share your research, being booed at a scientific conference for an idea that is ahead of its time, or struggling with your mental health. In this book, Dr. Hope Jahren tells her startling truth about being a woman in science.

By Hope Jahren (290 pages)

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Remarkable Creatures

Take a journey through time with an evolutionary biologist as he retells the discovery of fossilized species with the same fervor in which they were unearthed, studied, and proudly paraded throughout the world as evidence of evolution. This book will answer your questions about the origin of our own species, but leave you wondering about our future.

By Sean B. Carroll (352 pages)

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