Good Books

Here are my suggestions for some good environmental books. I tend to lean towards non-fiction and recent.

the beekeeper's lament

The Beekeeper’s Lament
With this captivating book, you will learn exactly how complex the life of a bee truly is. Nordhaus seeks to understand the obsession driving one beekeeper, but also shares the history and science behind it all.
By Hannah Nordhaus (269 pages)

born on third base

Born on Third Base
Before you eat the rich, take a bite of this tell-all by a one-percenter who gave away his wealth. It’s an eye-opening account of the issues with the growing wealth divide, how we got here, and how to get back home.
By Chuck Collins (238 pages)

This Changes Everything
In this book, Klein skips the depressing “world is ending” spiel and instead gives a refreshing take on how capitalism stands in the way of solving the climate crisis, and provides practical solutions backed by research.
By Naomi Klein (466 pages)