Wetland Wednesday Again

quarry ridge wetland

Quarry Ridge Mountain Bike Trail is an extraordinary outdoor feature of my Wisconsin town. There are six unique trails of varying difficulty that bring you right back to the start so you can do them over and over again. What’s even better, you can admire this vibrant green bog on your way in. There was a little blob of a bird perched on one of the fabulously dead trees towards the middle of the photo but she is impossible to see here. I would love to identify any of the trees in the swamp using an online tool such as this one from UW-Stevens Point, but unfortunately there aren’t any leaves to help, plus the picture is a little too grainy to make out other details. Any tree expertise is much appreciated!


It is unclear when the trails were first created, but stone extraction from the nearby quarry has gone on for the last 60 years, at least. The linked document outlines some proposed restoration work as well as a map of surrounding wetlands. The bike trails are adjacent to an 11-acre stormwater detention pond built to manage runoff from the neighborhood, but it’s hard to notice when you are zipping through the woods and staring down your handlebars for the next tight curve.


A wispy willow next to the parking lot leads the way towards the restrooms and bike trail. Not far from here is the 40-mile long Military Ridge State Trail, which is also great for biking and winds through farmland, state parks, and natural areas. Can you tell people here love biking?

I didn’t stop to take many photos because the trails are narrow and there are other people out enjoying the paths. Even the easy trails provide a little bit of a challenge, but you can take it slow if you need to. Regardless, it was a really great way to exercise while spending time outdoors. I do not actually have a mountain bike, but I have a hybrid and it worked just fine.


We headed back home after a short while but hope to go again soon, especially with the fall weather settling in. Have you visited any wetlands lately? Are you a mountain biking fanatic? Let me know in the comments! Sincerely, Jess 🙂

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