The Death of a Year

It’s snowing where I am right now and I’m reflecting on how grateful I am for all of the good things that 2019 brought. Here are the things I accomplished:

  1. Published my first coauthored peer-reviewed paper in a scientific journal
  2. Was included as a coauthor on another peer-reviewed paper in review
  3. Wrote my first grant proposal for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program
  4. Wrote my first project proposal for a new science outreach program idea
  5. Attended the 12th annual Graduate Climate Conference to present my work
  6. Celebrated my blog turning 5 years old
  7. Surpassed all my previous years’ records for blog views
  8. Played a role in a large scale scientific field project
  9. Adopted a kitten from the Humane Society and watched him grow
person holding a sparkler in macro photography
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Next year I hope to improve in many ways. However, if I do not reach my goals I understand that I cannot achieve everything. I would love to:

  1. Launch a fun, hilarious, science podcast called Swamped
  2. Finish my Master’s degree
  3. Keep writing on this blog
  4. Surpass my all-time record for yearly views once more
  5. Narrow down my career goals
  6. Be a better environmentalist – eat more plants, remember my bags when I shop, take shorter showers, and be conscious of global issues.

Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions? Do you write down things that you wish to change or things you hope to maintain? Share your thoughts below.


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