How to Save the World

When involved in a discussion about global climate change, have you ever heard someone declare “Small changes won’t do anything. We need fundamental systematic change!” Or how about, “The public should not be held responsible. [Insert hypothetically guilty party like industry, gov’t] needs to be accountable!” Statements like these are discouraging and not always true. Today I bring good news. There are ways for everyone to be a part of the solution that don’t involve a world-wide revolution. Here are a handful of suggestions written by scientists and other change-makers across the globe that came together to create “Project Drawdown” –  the most comprehensive plan ever to reverse global warming.

  • Lighter and more fuel efficient aircraft. Airplanes dump emissions right into the free troposphere (and possibly the stratosphere). Making them lighter and more aerodynamic will reduce the amount of fuel it takes to get them up there. In addition, new models would be more fuel-efficient.
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  • Food Composting. A great idea if you have a small yard or live near a composting facility. You’ll want to compost things like washed eggshells, vegetable scraps, and coffee grounds, but NOT certain things like dog or cat poop, fish or meat scraps, brush, bread, or rice. The latter group of items will attract pests and can ultimately make people sick if they are used as organic fertilizer for a garden. It’s very rewarding when you harvest from your own garden and get to make delicious, healthy meals to share!
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  • Educating girls. Educated women are paid more, are less likely to end up in child marriages, are less likely to contract HIV/AIDs, and their families are healthier. When women are given equal rights, they can also control their own reproductive health. More educated women also means more female leading scientists, writers, and policy-makers. It means a new perspective in fields that are male-dominated. It means more solutions to the world’s problems by people who weren’t given the chance to address those problems before. This is a multi-faceted issue that has the potential to fix a lot of issues for women. And it can be done.
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  • Bike infrastructure. Well-lit, maintained, and connected bike paths in cities will attract more people to this zero-emission mode of transport in addition to making it safer. Bike sharing initiatives will open the option up to those who can’t afford nice bikes. Jobs can show their support by offering work showers for both comfort and productivity.
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There are lots more solutions listed on Drawdown’s website. Feel free to click the links and find out more! Are you passionate about any of the ones listed here? Does hearing about simple solutions or solutions that people are currently working on make you have a more positive outlook on the environment? Let me know below! Sincerely, Jess 🙂

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