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another picture of the botanical garden

botanical garden

Oh, how I miss having a back yard. Living in an apartment complex has limited my ability to do back yard things such as reading a book in a lawn chair, or picnicking without having to take an elevator down ten flights and bike to the nearest park. Some days I explore the bike paths around town to see all the green and brown and blue that surrounds this city. Other days, I prefer the view standing still instead of whizzing by me in a blur of color. I still want a back yard, but the flower garden and nearby lake are passable substitutes.

another picture of the botanical gardenThe teeny tiny university botanical garden in the photo above is the perfect hideout. It’s so small that nobody goes there other than to eat lunch or bike through it. Nevertheless, there are tons of beautiful flowers and the vines and trees provide refuge from the sun on a hot day.

wingraOn days that I long for solitude, I frequent the park and read a book. It’s refreshing to see all the families, bikers, runners, and dog owners out enjoying nature. Home is a quick walk away so there’s no pressure if I have to run home and take care of something. You can also go for a swim in the lake, but cold weather has made the water less appealing.

Where do you go to reconnect? Do you have a back yard littered with stunning flowers and vines or do you travel to the nearest park to get away from city life? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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