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Communicating science to the public is a delicate art. Eco Blogger Award commends bloggers who explore environmental topics in their writing, encompassing anything from gardening to wildlife conservation to hiking or even research. Once you are nominated for the award, you can choose to continue the tradition by thanking the person who nominated you, answering the following questions, and nominating 6 other blogs for the award. Here are the questions:

  1. What was your favorite subject when you were in grade school?
  2. Is there a science topic that still evades you? What is it?
  3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  4. What is your all time favorite meal?
  5. Explain your favorite pair of shoes.

First, I guess I should thank myself for this award because I created it. I was nominated for a few different awards in the past, but I really wanted to recognize other environmental bloggers with powerful literary voices for their work in science communication. All too often I see meaningful research being turned into pop science or being stonewalled as a topic that no one will ever care about. I believe science doesn’t always need to entertain in order to serve a purpose. A blog post I recently read reminded me that science we might think is fruitless often becomes the foundation for truly meaningful discoveries later on.

Here are my answers:

  1. 7566d44e0b39d4b9324e1e933c47ed45
    From Pinterest.

    Most of what I learned in grade school evaporated from my memory shortly after graduation. I can still somewhat remember the important things like long division though. I think social studies was my favorite. I liked science in the beginning but then it got really difficult and social studies was just memorizing facts so I had no trouble doing that. Now I have been reunited with science and no one makes me take four hour exams about it, although that’s likely going to change soon because of grad school.

  2. maxresdefault
    From YouTube.

    I’m still confused about gravity. I can defy gravity when I drop a ball and catch it before it hits the floor, but somehow gravity is what keeps the entire Earth aligned with the Sun. Is the Earth weak? Or am I stronger than Hulk? And what makes an animal a pest? I despise Geese yet they’re protected like precious rubies. At my old university, they strutted around with little ankle bracelets that monitored every step of their life like a virtual scrapbook. How come we hate ants and mice but massive 14 pound geese are welcome?

  3. jungle
    From Pixabay.

    If I could live anywhere, I would live in a Jungle without bugs or thunderstorms. My house would be made of oak and sit high up in the canopy. It would also come with full electric and no leaks.

  4. seafood and pasta
    Pasta and shrimp from Public Domain.

    I love spaghetti FLOATING in sauce and maybe some meat and mushroom chunks but I also love lobster and I know if I eat an entire lobster that I can’t fit anything else. I’ll take a lobster.

  5. high heeled boots
    My boots.

    This one is a tough choice because I love every pair of shoes that I own except maybe my pumps because those are hideous and plain. My favorite pair right now are probably a pair of beige lace up high-heeled low-ankle boots that I got on sale around Christmastime at Macy’s. I wear them in the cold season because they have wonderful grip on the bottom. They never get wet and they’re actually very comfortable to walk in, even with the chunky heel. The buckle around the top feels very New York, which is something I have needed to feel since moving to the Midwest.

I nominate:

  • The Jaguar – Josh’s blog is so unique I don’t think you’ll find another one like it out there, period. Josh mainly writes about jaguar conservation, but the topics reach far and wide in the environmental realm. Wildlife conservation is something you might not think relates to you, but after you check out Josh’s blog I guarantee you’ll think differently.
  • I am Jessica – Jessica is an ecology student who writes about environmental issues and tells captivating tales of her adventures through her blog. Put simply, following her blog will reveal how to be more connected with the planet.
  • Earthstar – There is never a dull moment on this blog. Earthstar will post delightful photos of butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, and birds you’ve never seen before, all while teaching you something that you never knew.
  • Eden Hills – I don’t own goats and probably never will but this look inside a goat herder’s life gives the full farm experience and it’s actually super fun to learn about the ins and outs of raising goats.
  • Passing by Photo – There are a lot of bird blogs and photo blogs out there, but this one is really worth following. You will see many different species of birds on this blog; they will be feeding, flying, or doing something totally unexpected, and there will be short explanations of what you are witnessing.
  • Tootlepedal’s Blog – About bird watching, gardening, cycling, and life lessons. Reading Tootlepedal’s blog feels like a stroll through the park.


6 responses to “Eco Blogger Award”

  1. Congratulations ! Nice to find a small write-up for every nomination here. 🙂

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  2. I love this award you have created. While I don’t do the award thing on my site, I love discovering new blogs on the award nominees offered. What a fabulous idea to create an echo award… I Shall check out your nominees. I love your answers to your questions too. ☺️👍🏆

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    1. PS. I just have to answer your questions, even though I am not a nominee…

      What was your favorite subject when you were in grade school?

      Biology tied with Art

      Is there a science topic that still evades you? What is it?

      I cannot understand electrical circuits, no matter how many times I look at them, I do not understand how direct current becomes alternating current.

      If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

      I have seen much of the world and still prefer the quiet green spaces of Britain. Give me a mountain, a river, trees, gentle landscape and non dangerous wildlife for my companions.

      What is your all time favorite meal?
      I am Vegan and my current favourite meal is a salad with everything, served with hummus.

      Historically, I used to like Pizza, but that was an addiction now broken.

      Explain your favorite pair of shoes.

      My safety boots. I use them for walking. They protect my ankles and allow me to walk through shallow rivers.

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      1. Thanks for reading +commenting 🙂 I didn’t even think of pizza, it’s been a while since I had a good quality slice. I’m very picky about my pizza!


  3. Hi Jess, thanks for the award! It’s also neat to learn about some other eco-bloggers through your nominations at the bottom of the post.

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