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walking on a rope

Once upon a time I was adventurous. In elementary school, I wanted to do more with my summer break than doing mandatory reading and hiding out to escape chores. I picked out a book from the library on fun things to do during my time off and tried them all out, from running a lemonade stand to urban exploring. My first lemonade stand made twenty-three dollars and I was rich. As I got older, the adventuring dwindled. I went from selling lemonade to working at a desk with a fantastic window view of the side of a brick building.

walking on a rope
Who knew walking across a rope could be fun?

As adults I think we tend to lose creativity in the sense that we interpret summer only as a time to purchase spray tans and sit on the beach. Now, the beach isn’t a terrible place to be. Going to the beach, touring an amusement park, and walking around the zoo are all tremendously fun summer activities that require a certain amount of organization- and occasionally- money. So what are some ways to enjoy the rare appearance of the sun (especially in New York or the UK) without much effort?

Times Beach used to be a dumping ground for dredged materials.

Let’s start with the easy one: Going outside. While we don’t all have nature preserves in our backyard, if you can round up some friends or family to take a trip to the park or somewhere similar, it’s usually free and can offer other fun things like hiking or bird watching as well. At Times Beach there’s an outlook made specifically for the purpose of bird watching. The wildlife here is very active with woodland species such as avians, turtles, and of course deer. In fact, Niagara River is a busy flyway for birds who travel from North to South on a seasonal basis. People who participate in the bird watching hobby come with lists full of all kinds of birds that either reside here or migrate through this area. People use this opportunity to check off some species like Bonaparte gulls or the red winged blackbird from their list.

Is this what they mean by “preserving nature”?

The taxidermy inside the lodge at Tifft Nature Preserve made me think of the movie Get Out…Creepy! So now here’s where my suggestions get a little boring. Skateboarding and biking are things some people might do everyday, so they aren’t that exciting in the world of outdoor activities. However, you can see some really awesome sunsets when you’re out surfing the cement. Don’t go too fast though or you’ll probably just see a blur. And then, cement up close. Very close.

Image from Longboarding Nation.

When you’re thinking about things to do outside, get creative. Arrange bricks to make a path through your garden. Practice your instrument outside (the acoustics are way better, plus the birds love it). Bring out your boom-box and have a dance competition with the neighbor kids (Do those exist anymore?). Practice yoga. Jump rope. The list goes on…

Hope you enjoyed my post! Comment and let me know what you like to do outdoors ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading, Jess

10 responses to “Outdoor Adventures”

  1. Gardening is my all time favorite. A hike through the woods or visiting a local park with a picnic in hand are also wonderful ways to enjoy nature and explore; especially with the kids! Even just an evening walk at dusk and looking at the various plants around and trying to identify them is fun๐Ÿ˜Š.

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    1. Picnics are great! And that’s true about identifying plants, I’m always on the lookout for poison ivy <.<


  2. I love the outdoors – I have to admit Iโ€™m no longer much of a risk taker. I guess it comes with age. Hiking is on top of my list and exploring places I havenโ€™t been to – I wish I could be as an adventurous as I used to be!

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    1. There are some pretty serious hiking groups where I live in New York, especially with the Adirondacks and the Appalachian Trail!

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      1. The Applachian is definitely on my list ๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธ

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  3. I LOVE walking. I’m currently in the university and most often, I just walk my way round the entire campus taking photos if I can. Walking makes me happy; you get lost, get scared and find your way out lol.
    I do want to travel though, especially to places within my country. I realise that most often we see vacations as leaving your own country when in actual fact, there’s so much to see right where you live.
    Lovely post Jess!๐Ÿ’ซ

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    1. Thanks for the input! That’s so true about walking. It’s also relatively easy on the joints compared to running or playing sports. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. oooo – I would love to have the Appalachian Trail in my backyard (so to speak)!! When I retired a number of years ago, a friend introduced me to hiking and I’m been smitten ever since. It’s something we do all year round.
    The next best thing is cycling. I love your expression “surfing the cement”. I will have to remember that one ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. The real world is a constant distraction.
    I cannot pass a window or go out to the dumpster or drive to lunch without my brain tracing the paths of clouds in the sky, the passing sparrows, the shape of the spider’s web in the grass.
    She calls to me on the wind, sweet fragrances dousing me, the gentle breeze embracing me, “You come, too.”.
    She is the brilliant sun, she is the pale moon, she is the soft pillow of stars on which I lay my head to sleep.
    I am deeply, helplessly, hopelessly in love with her.
    She commands my senses always.

    Seek peace,


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    1. Such a beautiful piece ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

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