Sustainability Month

My zero-emission mode of transport for the week.

I hope everyone was able to get outside this past Sunday to celebrate the holiday. Remember, environmental awareness doesn’t have to end with Earth Day! Keep the environmental vibes alive into the month of April, the Sustainability Month. 

Some of the trash I picked up on the shore of Lake Erie.

I volunteered to teach basic circuit making to a fourth-grade class on Thursday. My second time at the elementary school went quite smoothly in comparison to the first. The teacher was very strict, and let me tell you, while I absolutely loathed strict teachers when I was in fourth grade, there is nothing better than a strict teacher when you’re on the other end of the seesaw. The circuits that the fourth graders made worked SO well that some of them started melting the batteries. You heard that right. Sometimes when little kids start doing science, things can get crazy. Luckily everyone survived the lesson and I think some of them might even remember what a conductor is now.

buffalo outer harbor
Lots of people came out to help clean up along the boardwalk.

Saturday, I helped pick up trash on the shore of Lake Erie alongside members of Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) and many other volunteers. I was amazed at all the trash we found. There were lots of cigarette butts, bottles, some milk jugs, needles, and styrofoam bits. Picking up trash was pretty easy, and the Buffalo-Niagara Waterkeeper organization provided latex gloves, work gloves, and collection bins and bags for recycles, trash, sharps, and needles. There were also tongs available for picking up questionable items. The cleanup lasted two hours, and one of the local bars provided water bottles and stickers for volunteers, which was great!

buffalo outer harbor 2
Taking a breather after sorting through the driftwood.

Buffalo finally warmed up this past weekend so people were actually spotted outside of their houses playing frisbee, walking dogs, running, and biking. I managed to get outside for a little while myself and it was a great way to celebrate Earth Day. Although April is ending, I found an environmental calendar that has suggestions for ways to celebrate environmental holidays all throughout the year. I’m already excited for Bike Month in May. The other event that caught my eye is International Day for Biodiversity. Biodiversity is kind of like the balance of nature so I bet there are tons of cool ways to raise awareness for biodiversity.

How did you guys get involved for Earth day? I’d love to hear your stories! And thanks for reading, as always. Sincerely, Jess 🙂

4 responses to “Sustainability Month”

  1. We recycle all we can all the time – not just on the one day

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    1. Amen to that! Recycling should definitely be a year-round process 🙂

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  2. You’re right being earth friendly and using sustainable techniques should be a year round process. Thanks for the post.

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