Echoing Green

The founder of Village Energy Limited, photo from Ashoka Visionary Program.

Echoing Green is a non-profit organization that provides support to entrepreneurs with solutions to social issues worldwide. Once an entrepreneur presents their idea, they are granted 90 thousand dollars to start their business. Financial advisers and other professionals support each business as they take off with their innovations. I chose to cover three such innovations and their creators on the blog today because I find non-profits essential to humanity. Sometimes it gets discouraging to think about how much financial support is needed to start a business. With Echoing Green, those issues are taken care of and inventors are allowed to do what they do best. They are free to create.

Abubaker Musuuza, featured above, won the Echoing Green Fellowship in 2015. He graduated Makerere University in Uganda’s capital city with a degree in Social Work and Social Administration. From there he began distributing solar systems, but his business now goes beyond merely installing power sources. Now Abubaker is the founder of Village Energy Limited. Village Energy offers repairs and advice for people once solar systems are installed. This addresses a very popular issue in developing communities. With this company, electricity is no longer an inconsistent source for citizens of rural Uganda. To read more, surf the website here.

Photo of EggPlant members found here.

Next up are the members shown above from the Italian company, EggPlant. From left to right, they are Domenico Centrone, Vito Emanuele Carofiglio, and Paolo Stufano. The concept is a little complicated- imagine creating plastics from wastewater. As the company website for EggPlant puts it, there is a way to utilize “PHB bioplastics, a completely bio-derived and biodegradable plastic suitable for different kinds of applications and industries such as electronics, cosmetics, etc”. It’s an idea I’ve dreamed of myself. People love plastic, so while we cut down on plastic production, why not find a way to degrade it? EggPlant co-founder Domenico Centrone attended Santa Clara University through a Fulbright Scholarship but also acquired his PhD in Industrial Engineering in Italy. If you’re interested in international study, the Fulbright is a good thing to look into.


In the article, “Who is More ‘Sustainable’, Rich or Poor?” written by Presidio Economics, there are two classes to be considered when focusing on sustainability. The wealthy consume far too much, and the poor cannot choose what to consume. As it says, “lower classes…generally live very unsustainable lives, eating processed foods, buying products from dollar stores or gas stations, and living in inefficient houses”. It goes on to explain the reverse side of the issue. Fight For Light addresses sustainability in low-income communities by recruiting high performing students to get involved with and transform their communities. To quote exactly, their mission is to “transform communities by empowering local black college students to be environmental leaders by providing access to sustainable energy and urban agriculture practices”. The Fight For Light website is currently compromised so I urge you to visit Echoing Green’s general description page if you want more information rather than search this particular company. I hope you learned something new!

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  1. Thanks for this! Led me down a very productive path of finding even more bloggers who are passionate about environment,
    sustainability and being creative about it! We need that sort of creativity and optimism when we live here in the Maldives!

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    1. I’m glad someone’s reading! 🙂


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