Guilty Confessions

Microbeads will be phased out of NY stores by 2019. Image from Huffington Post.

Environmentalists like to act high and mighty sometimes, like earth goddesses destined to restore the ecosystem and punish those who harm it. Labor Day Weekend I was feeling determined. I ran two miles to watch Suicide Squad at the theater, and ran back. How environmentally conscious, right? I know I seem perfect, but I have some confessions to make.

  1. I leave my laptop to charge overnight. As it only takes my baby two hours to charge, I’m wasting that extra electricity. I’m just too lazy to wake up at midnight.
  2. My face wash contains micro-beads. I’m sorry, really. All the creams at my local store contain these tiny plastic pieces that usually end up polluting the ocean. They work wonders for my pores but I know I need to find a new product.
  3. I don’t recycle right. I don’t have a car so I can never take used batteries to a proper recycling location. In addition, when I’m cleaning my apartment sometimes I’ll throw recyclable things in the trash.

What are your guilty confessions? Do you take regular plane trips? Do you love long showers? Share!

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