Running Water

For my friend James, running water is a soothing noise. For me, gushing water is the definition of aggravation. I can’t help but think of all the other uses for clean water besides going down the drain, while someone brushes their teeth in the mirror. But all this talk about water brings back a memory.

Aquamarine movie gif from Blingee.

Did I tell you about the time I got asked out under water? It’s ironic because I’m the one who usually makes fun of extravagant proposals. But remembering what happened at summer camp when I was 12 makes me feel like the sexy mermaid from the Australian film, Aquamarine. Back then I was like a fish in the water. Every morning at camp I’d do the polar bear plunge, go to breakfast, and hop back in the water as soon as I could. My swimsuit was white with red strawberries and green ruffles. It was a little too tight but who cares. All the campers who passed the deep end test were hanging out on the dock, taking turns diving. I jumped in and sank down and down and down. One of the older boys jumped in after me. He pointed at me, then himself, and made a little heart symbol. Of course, he was asking me to the dance. It was the only event the campers really looked forward to. It was all we had to talk about up in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Being the princess that I was, I shook my head no, and he eventually had to go up for air.

So back to the sound of running water. If every time you hear the tap dripping you’re wondering: Where does water go? Congratulations, you’re like me. For a short answer I would say water goes into storage. For a longer explanation, take a look at the diagram below. Also check out these really cool websites on Where Sewage Goes and Water for Kids.

Schematic showing the wastewater treatment process from Philadelphia Water Department.


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