Life in Plastic, it’s Fantastic!

This Bratz doll has lots of water bottle companies to choose from! Picture from YouTube.

Everyone knows about BPA-free plastics. Most popular bottled water brands got rid of BPA plastics back in 2008, when studies revealed its toxicity. It’s dangerous to drink from plastic water bottles because you don’t know where the bottles have been. Let me explain. In being transported from treatment plant to final destination, if the bottles were exposed to the sun, the plastic could have heated enough to release small segments into the water that are too small to taste. It’s been studied, proven to be harmful to us, and tossed to the gutter. What I really want to get at with this post is BOXED WATER! You’ve probably seen it on Snapchat by now, in the store, or in your friend’s hand. And instead of thinking, geez how stupid can people be? Branding really is everything! I want you to fully understand the downside of drinking from plastics, even if they don’t have BPA.

I found a super helpful website on categorizing drinking water called HandyPreppers.

Categories of Drinking Water:

  • Purified Drinking Water: Purified Drinking Water is water
    from any source that is processed. It’s mechanically cleaned
    water for consumption. The water may had impurities
    removed; however, there is no regulation what the
    manufacturer may be adding back into the water, including unnecessary


  • Distilled Water: Distilled Water has impurities removed
    through the process of distillation, which involves boiling
    water and condensing the steam into water. This leaves the
    contaminants behind. Distillation produces the most pure
    water. And unless you’re in California, the manufacturer
    doesn’t have to disclose its’ source of water.


  • Artesian Water: Artesian water is groundwater under
    positive pressure. Fiji Water is one such brand.  Fiji water
    draws from an underground aquifer and this water goes
    directly into the bottle, untouched by a human!


  • Spring Water. Spring water is essentially ground water.
    Specifically, natural spring water is underground water held
    in soil and impervious rocks. Evian is a brand of natural
    spring water.

Yummy, but Unnatural Waters:

*Aquafina (Pepsi)

*Dasani: (Coca Cola)

*Dannon Fluoride To Go Water

*Nestle PureLife Water


Thank you for reading my article and please remember what to drink and what not to drink next time you hit the shelves. I hope you learned something new. Click on the link at the top if you would like to read more where it says “Handypreppers”. Comment if you know of any other water bottle companies to stay away from!


  1. Samantha Wharton

    I came across this post while I was reading one of your others. Great information! We have similar processes in Canada for water purity. I had heard Dasani and Aquafina weren’t good because of the way they were processed, but they are always readily available anywhere, so I still sometimes reach for them! I really liked the way you broke down the different water types and why they’re good / not good. Sorry for the long comment but I found this extremely valuable!

    Liked by 1 person

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