Kataka Seed

brown squirrel on tree trunk
Photo by Free Nature Stock on Pexels.com

Kataka Seed. What is it? It comes from the Clearing Nut Tree and is sometimes used in India as a coagulant. What does that all mean? Coagulation can be compared to ion solvation in water. Essentially, the coagulant will bond to the suspended particles in the water that cause it to be muddy, and settle out the particles at the bottom of the water, allowing the clean water to be taken from the top. There’s a lot of existing research on this because the method of using crushed Kataka seeds to line water pots and other containers has been around since the dawn of written text. Here is a link on more reading.

3 responses to “Kataka Seed”

  1. Being a gardener, the idea of using Kataka seeds to line pots is something I’ll share with my other gardening friends. Thank, Jess

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    1. I’m glad I could help! They’re on eBay for 5 dollars, and can be used as an herbal remedy as well.

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      1. Thank you, Jess. I will certainly pass the word to my gardening friends.


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