Shoutout to Sarah Pieklik

Alabama Space Academy for Educators program logo from Alabama Public TV.

My middle school math teacher went somewhere amazing for her summer break last month. She was selected for a Space Academy Program in Alabama sponsored by Honeywell Educators! While learning some peculiar things about surviving in space flight, Ms. Pieklik also got tips from the experts on how to create captivating curriculum. Here’s the article if you wish to read more: Pieklik goes to Space Academy

3 responses to “Shoutout to Sarah Pieklik”

  1. Jess, This is something I can see you doing in the future. Having been a teacher and an administrator, I appreciate and love teachers who inspire their students by doing.

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    1. Thanks Clare. My family has a few teachers, perhaps it is in my future.

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      1. You are already teaching through your blog. I think you have a very bright future ahead, Jess.

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