Drink What You Read

Images from TreeHugger.

The drinkable book is a handy little book with pages that are filled with tiny silver particles. The silver mixed with the paper creates a filter that will eliminate the risk of diarrheal illnesses that thrive in murky, contaminated water.

I think these removable filter pages serve a great purpose- they bring both education and essential pure water to children in developing countries. According to an article on New Atlas, each page has two filters that clean 99.9% (that’s known as a log 3 kill) of bacteria for up to 100 liters of water. The product is still being tested, but the good news is that the students and professors who researched the project are working with a company to help make the product affordable for use abroad.

pile of books
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Research on this invention can be found on the Washington Post page here. You can also see the drinkable book filtering in action in this YouTube video.

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