Amherst State Park and Glen Falls

amherst state parkYou can follow the alluring Ellicott Creek all the way to Niagara River. What isn’t so alluring about Ellicott Creek is the dangerous turbidity of the water. It is used in our labs at SUNY UB frequently as a contaminated water source. Although not nearly as polluted as Onondaga Lake, Ellicott Creek faces frequent combined sewage overflow (CSO) due to heavy rain and snow in the Buffalo area, which mixes groundwater with sewage from old and cracked pipes underground.

bpa pollution

I grew up running around the picturesque Amherst State Park as well as the little picnic area near Glen Falls. There is a cute little diner called the Red Mill, which used to harvest the hydraulic power for turning a mill but has since lost its popularity. The water may not be fully recovered from constant bad luck, nevertheless, it won’t stop the ducks or the turkey vultures or the couples taking wedding pictures. It’s important to conserve wildlife no matter the condition.

All pictures taken by yours truly and my family members!

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