Hippo Roller Water Project

Hippo Roller image from the Borgen Project blog.

Contaminated water isn’t the only difficulty with sustaining life in developing countries. In parts of the world with harsh climates, it is often difficult to carry water long distances from wells to dry lands. The men are usually out in the fields and women are left to collect the water and have to bring along the children, which is not only dangerous but can take up most of their day with continuous trips to and from the sites.

Water is exceptionally heavy, and in countries where women carry heavy pots on their heads the weight is enough to damage the skull. One solution to this issue is the Hippo Roller. It’s crazy to think that just turning a barrel on its side can make a huge difference. This way, women can push the water, which uses more force from them walking forwards, to push more water, easier, over rough terrain. Hippo rollers are at least 125$ but they are paid for with donations and have caused a surprising impact on developing societies.

To learn more or get involved, surf the Hippo Roller website here.

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