Warka Water


Warka Water Tower depiction from the World Design Organization website.


There’s something that interests me more than water filtration itself. It’s along the same lines, though: creating water from thin air. In countries like Ethiopia, the significant temperature change from day to night allows the air to become very dense. The newly crafted Warka Water tower takes advantage of that occurrence and collects condensed water droplets, or dew, with a large net, and turns it into a source of clean water.

Now, rain water isn’t the cleanest water, but this solution to a never ending water problem could be a start to producing cheap water in developing countries. Nevertheless, people still doubt the prototype. They wonder if it produces as many liters of water as the inventors say it does, if the water droplets would quickly evaporate, and they even question the “easy to make” quality that people claim the Warka Water tower possesses. After looking into some of these points myself, I found numerous different claims to the amount of water it can produce. I also discovered that this form of producing water is a very expensive method when compared to simpler methods like sand filtration. However, the designers of the tower partnered with Autodesk Inventor (my favorite AutoCAD program), and were supported by Wired (the coolest technology magazine out there) while producing this system.

I hope this method is further developed in the future into something simple to use that produces water for entire communities. As for all my readers- I hope that you inquire about this yourselves to find out what parts of it are really true and what parts could present problems during implementation.

To access the Warka Water website, click here.

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